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Link Requests & Advertising
AZOC doesn't entertain link exchanges or sell advertising and links on the AZOC site, however if you know a genuinely interesting and unique resource that is likely to benefit visitors to this site then feel free to mail it in using the 'webmaster' email address below. If you market an online casino site of good repute, please check the Online Casinos Grid Application as you may already be listed. If you are not, and have "UK Whitelist" status as awarded by the UK Gambling Commission, please let us know and when time permits, we will have a play and test out the casino for consideration.

Article Contributions & Reviews
We are always interested in reviews, opinions and knowledgable articles from players. If you feel you can contribute something useful to AZOC, please let me know. We can't offer anything in return other than a credit, but if it helps benefit players and ensures they are gambling more sensibly and safely, at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped :)

Glowing references to casinos, portals or anything that resembles self-proclaiming marketing literature will be rejected, so if your intention is to gain a link or marketing advantage, then please move on ;) Legitimate articles and reviews can be emailed to the webmaster email address, below.

Are you concerned about your data in regards to GDPR? Please contact: [email protected]

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For any other information please contact:[email protected]

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