Online Casino Glossary

Below are some common terms that you will see you used on the AZ Online Casinos website and elsewhere around the Internet relating to online casinos.

Manual Flush

A manual flush is an operation undertaken by online casino support staff to remove a withdrawal from a player's casino account on request. At some casinos, when a player requests a withdrawal, the money is removed from their balance but placed in a "pending" state (see below) within their cashier for a few hours prior to cashout processing. During the period between the withdrawal request and the casino physically processing the withdrawal, a player can often access these winnings and play them back which many players dislike. Where a casino offers a Manual Flushing option, the player can call or chat to support and request a Manual Flush which makes it inaccessible to the player. A manual flush does not generally speed up the cashout processing time but offers a level of protection for the player to stop them chasing their losses.

All of the casino reviews here at AZOC include manual flushing indicators.

Reverse Time / Reverse Pending Time

A Reverse Time is the time between an online casino player requesting a withdrawal and the casino physically processing that withdrawal. Some online casinos do not have a Reverse Time while some run up to as long as 96 hours. The usual time is 12 - 24 hours. Indications of current Reverse times and cashout times are included in the casino reviews and the dynamic grids of our online casinos compared here at AZOC.


An eWallet service is an online payment processing service which many players use to deposit and withdraw to from online casinos. They offer an alternative to debit and credit cards and bank transfers and most provide a faciity to link them to a bank account for funding and withdrawals. The advantage of an eWallet is two-fold: they generally offer a quicker way of getting paid and for some players in jurisdictions where online gambling is frowned upon, then offer a viable unmonitored alternative.

RTP (Return to Player)

The RTP is the theoretical return to a player on a game based over an unspecified but significant number of plays. We're talking millions possibly. It will depend a lot on the game and the variance of the game (see below) as to how the "long term" is calculated but it is largely regarded as the average return.


Variance equates to risk. A high variance game means that you can go long periods of time without any significant payout but the high pays are likely to be very large if and when you get them. A low variance game will produce regular wins of a reasonable nature but the high paying combos are likely to pay less than in high variance games, or are so rare that you will never see them! Players looking for longer game sessions, have smaller bankrolls or who are happy to smaller profit targets are usually better served by low variance games. Those who are after that life-changing win will probably prefer high variance games. Medium variance casino games provide a balance. It is worth remembering that if you play Medium/High variance games you will need a larger starting bankroll or to bet lower stakes if you are to feel you got a avlue session. High variance players will often bust out early on.

Note: The above terminology is used in the casino directory which provides a simple to read list of online casinos with reverse times, cashout times and more.

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