The Online Casino Cashout Process

Cashing Out at Online Casinos
First Things First

OK it might sound obvious, but unless you choose a safe and reliable online casino your chances of getting paid quickly and painlessly are going to diminish. Thankfully, there are a lot of very good casinos out there and my article on How to Spot a Safe Online Casino will help if you are unsure. Alternatively, if you want to skip the blurb and get straight to playing, all of the casinos on the AZ of Online Casinos site fall into the safe casinos category! There is also a list of good casinos for High Stakes players that shows who and who doesn't retsrict withdrawal amounts.

One thing every player needs to understand is that properly licenced casinos HAVE to ID a player to comply with KYC ("Know Your Customer") licensing rules, so providing ID is a necessity. The tips below explain what to do to make sure that you can cashout from online casinos quickly and painlessly. It's worth reading, especially if you are inexperienced as many players make mistakes that lead to problems.
#1: Signup With The Correct Info!

When you initially register at an online casino, make sure the information you provide is accurate. Your name should tie in with that used on your debit card or deposit account, your email address must be one that you can access, your address must be where your utility bills, driving licence and other docs are registered too and always pick the currency option that is relevant to where you live if it is an option (or US dollars if not). This is imperative as when you cashout, you will be asked for ID and if it doesn't match the information you signed up with, you're going to have major headaches.

#2: Choosing your Deposit Option

Take a little care here. Try to avoid credit cards as card issuers often restrict refunds and cashing out back to a credit card is often problematical. Aside from which, gambling on credit just isn't very advisable! Debit cards are usually fine or better still, use an eWallet service like Neteller, Moneybookers or in the USA, Quicktender or eWalletExpress. These are free (although there are sometimes small transactional charges), very easy to use and the quickest way to receive cashouts. You can also link them to your Bank and often even use an ATM with eWallet accounts.

For what it's worth, I use Neteller and have their ATM card too which is great, but not available in the USA. I also use a normal Visa debit card without any problems and I know a lot of USA players have used Prepaid Visa with success. One note on Debit Cards: this is one reason why choosing your local currency to play in when you sign up at the casino is important - some debit cards don't allow foreign currency transactions. Plus it saves you currency exchange commissions too!

#3: How do you Physically Cashout?

The request process is generally easy. Every casino has a "Cashier" so when you win and want to cashout, just hit the Cashier button and go to the "Withdrawal" tab where you can enter the amount to cashout and the method to which you want it sent. Because the good online casinos have to comply with money-laundering regulations, you may (but not always) find these options are restricted to the method with which you deposited. If, as with some credit cards, the card issuer will not accept transactions returned to the card, the casino will provide you with another option so don't worry.

#4: Be Careful with Bonuses!

If you accepted a signup bonus from the online casino you chose (and I would strongly suggest you don't), then be aware that this will come with very strict wagering conditions which will restrict when you can cashout and in some instances the maximum limit! I personally never play with signup bonsues so I am free to cashout when I win straight away, but they can have their uses. I would point you at my Understanding Casino Bonuses article if you want more information.

#5: Documentation Requirements

This is the bit that can be a bit painful depending on where you play, but it's a one-off process and once you have done it, future cashouts should be hassle-free. All online casinos will ask you for ID so that they comly with regulations and to avoid player fraud which is quite common. This is usually when you cashout for the first time and in most cases you will be asked to send Photo ID (Drivers Licence or Passport) and a utility bill. These can be sent electronically - I photograph them on my phone and scan/bluetooth them to my PC and email them.

IMPORTANT: If you used a debit or credit card, the casino will probably also ask for a photograph of both sides of the card. If so, make sure you cover the 3rd block of 4 numbers of the front of the card, and the last 3 numbers (security code) on the back BEFORE you email them. The casino will normally suggest this, but it's standard practice so do it anyway!

Although rare, some casinos will also send you a "faxback" form listing your deposits and ask you to sign alongside each one and fax it back. This is more common with Playtech casino operators for some reason and I've had this at Mansion casino,, Noble casino and CasinoKing. It's a pain in the a** if you don't have a fax machine but it's a measure taken by the casinos to avoid chargebacks by players. Logical I guess and although a nuisance, at least once you got over this hurdle once, you won't have to do it again.

#6:Finally: Always Read the T&C's

Another thing that sounds obvious but most players don't do it. Every online casino has Terms & Conditions (usually a small link at the bottom of the casino homepage) which will explain Documentation requirements. While most do what I have outlined above, if you want to be sure what you are going to be asked for, check them out first!

Footnote: Cashout Times

Don't forget that cashout processing times at casinos vary, from Instant in a few cases to a week in others! Most are around the 24-48 hour mark but you check the full our comparisons here at AZOC for detailed information.
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