Safety of Online Casino Sites

Online Casino Sites - eCOGRA
Online Casino Sites - An Introduction

This page recommends some interesting sites in the field of online gambling. If you are after a list of safe online casino sites at which to play, check out the tried and tested casinos in the Grid application here at A-Z Online Casinos.

Player Protection Sites: eCOGRA

The foremost online player protection website is eCOGRA. Set up with funding from Microgaming software, and touted as an independent player protection body, eCOGRA has been the subject of much speculation as to whether or not it is truly independent. My own opinion, having been to their offices and talked at length about their policies, is that it does act in teh best interests of players but is shackled by not being able to publish it's findings. Why? Because if it explains how it's fraud procedures and investigatative decisions are arrived at, it arms the fraudulent player - of which there are many - with information to help them avoid detection. Consequently, when it finds in favour of an online casino, the lack of transparent information often leads to the assumption that they are trying to hide something.

But that aside, it is the best path to follow for a player with a dispute once they have exhausted lines of communication with the casino itself and the licensing jurisdiction which issued the online casino licence.

By far the most common cause of player dispute is the signup bonus. It helps for a player to be fully aware of what a bonus entails and I would point you at my article explaining "Online casino bonuses" in the Online Casinos 101 section to understand more about this concept. Most disputes can be avoided by understanding the terms and conditions of bonuses and by making sure you play only at safe online casinos. Check out the article on "Finding a safe online casino", also in the Casinos 101 section, for more information on how to ensure you are fully protected.
Online Casino Sites - Casinomeister
Communities: Casinomeister

I moderate on a very popular player forum which forms part of the online casino site called Casinomeister. The Casinomeister site also has a player disputes form called "Pitch A Bitch" which is a free service to players with a problem getting paid by an online casino. Once again, bonus disputes account for the majority of claims, and Casinomeister restricts claims to casinos that are not deemed "Rogue", so make sure you find an online casino that is safe before you play. All of the casinos in the Online Casinos application here at AZOC are covered in this regard.
Online Casino Sites - TST
TST Compliance Testing

As explained in the "Casino Game Fairness" article in the Casino 101 section, all of the main casino software providers subject their software and games to TST compliance and quality assurance testing before releasing it to the online casinos to ensure it is fair and balanced. The TST website is a good research site if you want to find out more about the procedures involved.
Problem Gambling Assistance
Problem Gambling Sites

If you think you may have a gambling issue, or may be prone to developing one, then there are two sites I would point you at. Gamble Aware is a UK focused website but it can help anyone to recognise if they have a problem or one developing. If you are already convinced that some assistance would help, then Gamblers Anonymous is the number one site to check out. There is a version for the UK and an International service for other nations.
Useful Casino Tools

One of the gaps that AZOC tried to fill with the casino grid tool is the ability for a user to search for specific criteria. The best tool I have come across that does a similar job is on the Casino Comparer site which actually licences a lot of the information from the AZOC database. It has a fairly unique tool to compare casinos where you can enter 2 or more names and get teh info up in a grid or list side-by-side. It also has a search form where you can filter information in much the same wa=y as the grids here allow you to.
eWallet Sites

So-called eWallet sites are popular with a lot of online casino players because they offer quicker cashout proccessing options. Outside the USA, the most common are Neteller (which is the one I use) and Skrill which is not quite as straightforwad IMO (lower limits and more restrictions). You can link them to a regular bank account to fund the account and withdraw and in some instances, as with Neteller, they also have a prepaid ATM/Credit card option which is very handy. In the USA there are no options left because of the UIGEA (2006).