Evolution Gaming Hails 2nd Quarter Performance


17th August, 2016 at 14:29:58
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As the company celebrates its 10th Anniversary of operations.

Evolution Gaming Group AB has reported strong second quarter 2016 results that delivered a 50% increase in revenue during this their tenth year of operation.

Key performance highlights for the period include:

- Revenue amounting to Euro 27.1 million, up 50% over Q2/2015 of Euro 18.1 million.

- Profit amounted to Euro 7.6 million (Q2/12015: Euro 5.9 million).

- Earnings per share rose to Euro 0.21 (Q2/2015: Euro 0.16).

- EBITDA increased by 38% to Euro 10.6 million (Q2/2015: Euro 7.7 million), corresponding to a margin of 39% (Q2/2015: 42 percent)

- Mobile penetration amounted to 40% (Q2/2015: 24 percent)

"As in the first quarter, the expansion is mainly being driven by existing customers," Jens von Bahr, chief executive officer of Evolution Gaming said. "We expect continued high demand for our services throughout the remainder of the year."

In addition, Evolution has pushed its list change schedule to the second quarter 2017 in order to focus on the continued delivery of growth with a good margin, the statement reads. "Despite our size in terms of personnel, we are still an agile and entrepreneurial organisation, in which flexibility is important

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