Britain's Advertising Standards Authority Bans Sky Vegas Advert.


29th June, 2016 at 16:29:56

Roulette Rock Star ad. deemed to glamourise gambling.

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Sky Vegas gambling television advertisement, claiming that its central character glamorises gambling.

The Roulette Rock Star presentation features a typical man-in-the-street going about his rather mundane business who transforms into the glamourous character identified with the title of the advert with the message:

"This morning he was doing his recycling, but right now he's in Sky Vegas. And here, he's the roulette rock star riding an electric riff of red and black."

The advert attracted a complaint from a member of the public, triggering an ASA evaluation, which concluded that the presentation glorified gambling, depicting the central character as "exuding the confidence, personality and qualities of a rock star and improved his self-image."

The company argued: "There was no reference or inference that he [the central character] was, indeed, a musician whose abilities were enhanced and became a better musician or 'rock star' because of his gambling....he remained the same person with the same everyday qualities

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