Brisbane Start-up To Offer Esports Action


03rd December, 2015 at 07:23:57

meVu founded by gaming fans.

A Brisbane-based team of video gaming fans led by CEO Phillip Barclay has launched a new Australian eSports company titled meVu, and has plans to ultimately expand beyond the Australian and Oceanian markets.

Initially set up as a community betting platform, the company combines social and gaming features, allowing meVu visitors to bet on eSports tournaments and win cash and prizes

Barclay says that his team has an aggregate 25 years of experience in e-gaming.

"Having organised and played in eSports tournaments myself for 10 years now, I have seen how gambling has helped overseas markets grow and wanted to give back to eSports myself. If gambling is going to continue to grow into eSports, I wanted the opportunity to do it right; a platform built for gamers, by gamers," he said this week.

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