Pennsylvanian Legalisation Measure Expanded


03rd March, 2015 at 08:44:44

Rep. Payne clarifies that his bill HB649 covers all forms of internet gambling.

Pennsylvanian Representative Ed Payne had industry observers on the hop this week on the issue of whether his new legalisation bill HB649 covers all online gambling or just online poker.

Payne's pre-release publicity on the bill suggested that it embraced both casino and poker online gambling, but the draft text of the bill on introduction appeared to suggest that the measure was focused exclusively on internet poker (see previous reports).

However, this week Payne's bill appeared to have been amended in the version presented on the state's House of Representatives website to include all gaming presented "...through the use of communications technology" or as approved by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board in terms of the Act.

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