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09th February, 2015 at 15:01:03

With a database assembled by experienced slot players to help identify game-play characteristics of over 2,000 online slots

February 1st, 2015 saw the launch of, dubbed a 'new and unique way to find slot games'. The site provides an intelligent search engine that probes a database containing over 2,000 online slot games from around 60 games developers including Aristocrat, IGT, WMS, Novomatic and Microgaming and provides lists of games matched by multiple features.

The site has been created by long-time slots player Ian Sims who is also a web developer and the driving force behind popular slots video site Compiled with some help from a small band of players he met through online communities, Sims explained his reasoning for creating Slots Comparer:

"I've been playing online slots for over 12 years and one of the most frustrating things is seeing new games come out with absolutely no clue as to how the game-play works. More often than not it is assumed a player will like a game because of it's theme when the reality is that it is the facets of game-play, the balance between entertainment and winning and the 'potential' a game offers that is most conducive to enjoying it. Slots Comparer is designed to tell a player exactly what a slot gives them without having to waste time and money discovering this for themselves".

At launch, the Slots Comparer database comprises of over 100,000 fields of data with every single game having 50 facets logged. Typical examples of the data collected according to Sims include "...wild symbol characteristics in the base game and features, free spin features, scatter symbol characteristics, free spin multiplier ranges, bonus trigger behaviour, progressive jackpot tiers, RTP data and variance/volatility ratings...", all of which players can use to find or match games.

Sims adds: "I totally underestimated the task at hand in collecting all this data, organising it and then creating algorithms that accurately matched games and features to a player's wish-list. The sheer range of different features and facets available in online slots now is huge and it is further complicated by the vast number of combinations of features on offer. What started as a 3 month project has taken the best part of a year - and that's with adding more pairs of hands to the data collection and organisation process than I first anticipated!".

The site offers online casino players 4 different search options. They can search for slots that are 'clones' of games they already like or which have a set of features that the player desires, return [lists of online casinos] that have the biggest selection of a player's favourite games or find out how a game that is an unknown quantity to a player works in finer detail.

Sims adds: "The Slots Comparer service is unique in several ways. Not only is the ability to drill down and compare this many elements of over 2,000 games a first, I have never seen a site where you can enter the names of several slot games and get a list of casinos that have multiple combinations of those games in one place. Just collating the data and putting together the site I have already discovered a plethora of new games I enjoy plus I've got to re-visit a couple of my old casino haunts that I had no idea had so many of my favorite games now!"

A pre-release version of the Slots Comparer site was unveiled via social media to a primarily industry-based audience, eliciting some very positive comments: "...really does break the mould and moves casino affiliate marketing into the big data era" and "might be the most important development in casino affiliate marketing since the Wizard of Odds first came online. A bible for for slots players".

The Slots Comparer site is now available to players at the URL

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