Sky Betting And Gaming Ups Monitoring Technology


04th February, 2015 at 03:37:27

To utilise same software employed by the banking sector.

Sky Betting and Gaming has employed the services of GBGroup whose transaction monitoring technology will allow the operator to detect fraudulent activities more efficiently and identify signs of problem gambling more effectively.

Sky Betting and Gaming is the GBGroup's first online gaming company to employ its global identity transaction monitoring software, the same software used by the banking sector to spot fraudulent credit card use and identify transactions linked to money laundering activities.

Peter Murray, Head of Gaming at GBGroup commenting on the deal said:

"Today online gaming companies need to get the perfect balance between protecting the business from fraud and risk whilst serving their good customers effectively without unnecessary friction. To do this they need to prove that they have the ability to understand and know their customers, and can reliably provide a good player experience while performing rigorous security and identity verification checks. Sky Betting and Gaming have long recognised that robust security checks ensure they know exactly who is using their products. The key challenge is to distinguish between fraudulent and good customers, VIP’s and those that are vulnerable. GBGroup’s software can go a long way to help this process."

Dan Whitlam, Head of Fraud & Risk at Sky Betting and Gaming, explained:

"We have worked with GBGroup for over eight years and they are vital to our business. They provide our identity verification solutions and, as we look towards further international expansion, their solutions ensure we are ready for the challenge of new jurisdictions as well as maintaining our regulatory compliance. By extending our identity intelligence solutions into the transaction monitoring area this gives us the tools to react to the ever changing customer behaviours, regulatory landscape and industry trends."

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