Assets Seized From Fraudulent Online Gambler


15th March, 2014 at 02:31:14

Former IT manager in court again to pay for his criminal behaviour.

readers may recall the case last year of Jonathan Revill, a 55,000-a-year IT manager for the GDF SUEZ energy company in Leeds, England who defrauded his company of almost 19 million through false orders of IT supplies, which he then sold at a discount over the internet to make a personal profit of 5.6 million.

After admitting his crimes and revealing that much of his illegal fortune had been blown on internet gambling sites, Revill was sent to jail for seven years.

This week he briefly left his cell to appear again in the Leeds Crown Court to face a Proceeds of Crime confiscation hearing, where prosecutor Mehran Nassiri revealed that only 608,909 of Revill's assets remained, mainly associated with his 515,000 home and 21,000 in equity investments.

Judge Christopher Batty ordered Revill to pay over the sum within six months or face a further prison sentence of up to four years, The Yorkshire Post reports.

The newspaper recalls that at one point Revill paid cash for his home and would gamble up to 300,000 via the internet on a single sporting fixture. He was so addicted to gambling that even after his arrest, Revill accessed more than 20,000 from his betting account and lost it all in one evening.

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