N.z. Prime Minister On Internet Gambling


19th October, 2013 at 01:18:54
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Laws imposing limits on the pokies could be circumvented by punters going to on line gambling sites.

Responding to a Green Party proposal to introduce laws limiting spending limits on land-based pokie machines this week, New Zealand prime minister John Key said such a measure was unrealistic and could be circumvented if punters went to offshore online gambling websites.

The proposal to introduce pre-commitment cards that require people to enter their spending and time limits was a nice idea, the PM said, but he added that New Zealand gamblers would find other ways to bet where there are no such limits, like online gambling.

"There are no restrictions on that," Key commented to New Zealand Radio. "I can't even fathom to work out how you would restrict online gambling, and so it's a bit farcical to say that you could only go to the casino and spend this amount of money but, by the way, in your home you could bet away your entire net worth."

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