Call For A Level Playing Field In Holland


23rd August, 2013 at 15:53:26

Arcade owner says taxes are skewed and too high

The publication Intergame carried an interesting interview with arcade gaming company JVH's chief executive, Eric Olders, this week in which he called for a level playing field when the Dutch government implements its online gambling regulations.

Olders said that gambling law in the Netherlands was in need of change to keep pace with the modern industry and technology, commenting:

The key for the future is the law and the way that the law shapes the market.

We need a level playing field. The law is too strict in terms of product innovation and the tax rate 29% for offline, 20% for online is illogical and obviously too high.

If we want to compete fairly with Holland Casino or new entrants on the online side, it is essential we all have the same obligations but also the same access to products.

Hopefully the new law will evolve quickly and the present administration will remain in place to see it through; we don't want to go back to square one.

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