Bulgarian Online Gambling Open For Registration Next Week


04th August, 2013 at 03:46:48
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The country that published its black list before it had infrastructure in place moves forward

In recent weeks the Bulgarians have made the headlines with an ever-growing online gambling black list of unlicensed websites, which was strange considering the lack of licensing infrastructure in the eastern European country.

Bulgarian politicians passed the enabling laws and empowered a regulator, but until now it appeared that little had been done to introduce a practical operating system.

That changed this week, when the Sofia-based newspaper Standart News reported that operators can make licensing application online through the new State Commission on Gambling website, submitting all required documents for checking and assessment.

The new service becomes available next week, hopefully - Standart reports that the portal is still under test, but the regulator is confident that it will be available on time.

The site is already home to Bulgaria's notorious black list, and it will offer a "white" list of acceptable websites so that Bulgarian online punters can check out venues they intend to patronise.

The platform will also provide a direct link between the State Commission on Gambling, the tax authorities and Customs officials so that the government can keep an eye on operators.

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