Finance Director Blew Gbp 750,000 On Internet Gambling


03rd August, 2013 at 05:33:12

Tunbridge Wells man unable to stop himself

A former British army officer who went on to become a director of a financial services company in civilian life has told the BBC how he blew 750,000 on unidentified online casino websites.

Justyn Larcombe, from Tunbridge Wells, said he sold the equity on his home, spent his wife's life savings and used his company's credit card to fund his addiction.

After losing his family, home and job he is now recovering from his addictive behaviour, but urges the British government to introduce stronger measures to protect potentially compulsive players, especially as regards a central registry where such players could exclude themselves from all gambling venues.

Interviewed on the video, Remote Gaming Association chief Clive Hawkswood said that gambling inevitably carried with it an element of risk, and that the question was what tools and measures were adequate to guard against those gamblers who developed compulsive tendencies.

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