Nevada Lawmakers Approve International Gambling Compacts


06th June, 2013 at 03:20:34

A startling addition to earlier approvals of interstate compacts

Nevada lawmakers took their earlier approval for the state governor to negotiate interstate player-sharing compacts (see previous reports) a step further on Monday, unanimously passing Assembly Bill 360 which allows online gambling compacts to be negotiated with tribal entities and foreign governments as well.

The relevant bill can be viewed here: and says in summary that it augments the power given to the state governor in February this year in bill AB114 to negotiate interstate compacts.

The language in the new bill replaces the earlier qualification "state" with the much wider scope of "jurisdiction."

AB 360 contains more specific language, defining suitable Nevada partners as the governments of national, state or local bodies (other than the United States federal government) provided that operators involved in such compacts are "suitable," a qualification which would appear to bring prospective partners into compliance with the "bad actor" provisions underlying Nevada's online poker regulations.

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