Online Gambling Unlikely To Cannibalise Land Casino Business


30th May, 2013 at 12:04:45

Caesars Entertainment CEO Gary Loveman says online and offline are complementary

Speaking to the publication BizJHournals at the $400 million Horseshoe Baltimore ground-breaking ceremony Wednesday, Caesars Entertainment chief executive Gary Loveman digressed onto the subject of the evolving online gambling legalisation scene in Nevada.

"We're in this business [of] online gaming, both social gaming and online for-money gaming," Loveman told BizJournals.

"They are quite complementary to one another. It's a different group of customers. They are enjoying the experience at different times and obviously in different places.

"We don't see a lot of cannibalization in that, in fact scarcely any, between people who are, for example, playing poker at home online with people they can't see versus the experience of coming to a casino with a meal and the other experiences that are associated with it."

Loveman is on record as supporting a federal legalisation of online gambling, but in more recent statements he has indicated that his company will have to keep pace with the growing trend to state-by-state legalisation (see previous reports).

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