Tax Rate Reduced In Pennsylvanian Internet Gambling Proposal


09th March, 2013 at 03:34:12

And a Republican politician plans a counter-attack

Pennsylvanian lawmaker Tina Davis, who reportedly intends to launch an online gambling legalisation bill in the state legislature next week, has amended the high taxation rates originally proposed in her bill following feedback on its provisions (and presumably to de-fang as much opposition as she can).

The heavy licensing fee of $16.5 million (see previous reports) has been reduced to $10 million, and the exorbitant tax rate of 45% slashed to just 20 percent.

Provision for interstate compacts has been omitted in order to commercially protect the flourishing gambling business in the state, currently second only to Nevada in US revenues.

That anti-competitive spirit persists in provisions which restrict online licensing to existing (land) slot machine and table-game licensees in the state - in other words the land casino operators.

Davis will probably launch her bill through the House Gaming Oversight Committee, but there is little appetite for gambling proposals among the Republicans who control the House, and one politician from that party, Rep. Paul Clymer, has already indicated that he intends to launch a counter-proposal specifically outlawing internet gambling in Pennsylvania.

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