New Ad Rules For Brit Gambling Operators


06th February, 2013 at 01:53:43

Opt-outs and OBA included in update

The widely-discussed revisions to the UK Advertising Standards Authority advertising rules for gambling operators (see previous report) were made available this week.

The update warns advertisers that the opt-out wishes of target audiences must be respected, and dwells particularly on advertisements that have been targeted using internet viewing behaviour information collected by web browsers, aka online behavioural advertising.

Typical examples of online behavioural advertising would be the presentation of commercial information of individual interest to an online punter which targets him/her specifically whilst he/she is online, based on web visit history.

Under the new guidelines, advertisers are expected to flag OBAs through the use of a symbol tucked into one corner of the material.

The ASA's chief executive, Guy Parker says: The new rules will provide greater awareness of and control over OBA, demystifying how advertisers deliver more relevant ads to us and allowing those of us who object to say stop. We'll be there to make sure that the ad networks stick to the rules.

View the rules here:

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