Gambling A National Security Issue In Hungary ?


01st October, 2012 at 15:38:46

Determined to be caused by unnamed issues stemming from the gambling industry

A bill filed in the Hungarian Parliament today (Monday) reportedly described unidentified gambling industry related issues as posing a threat to Hungary's National Security.

Going against State Secretary Janos Lazar's conservative family credo, Lazar said "Gambling is explicitly dangerous and harmful for society. As such, he considers the matter a key priority for Government.

The ruling majority party is committed to rushing legal amendments to the law that would effectively prevent new, and remove existing, slot machines in low-range bars and pubs and other venues with the exception of state-concessioned casinos. A final vote is expected as soon as Tuesday reports Associated Press.

Budget revenue shortfalls as a result of the proposed slot machine ban will be compensated through new regulations and taxes on the mostly unregulated online gambling sector.

According to Lazar, the Justice Ministry is addressing a solution with regard to clamping down on illegal operators as well as regulating and taxing internet gambling.

A tax amendment proposal submitted by the governing Fidesz political party in September 2011 proposed the introduction of internet gambling operator permits and a 20% tax levied on net revenue (see previous report).

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