Malaysia Making Headway In Combating Online Gambling


25th September, 2012 at 06:31:07

Authorities seize and destroy hundreds of computers

Authorities in the Malaysian district of Kota Setar in Kedah said it had seized 4 194 computers that were installed with gambling software between January and August of this year, more than triple the amount compared to the previous year.

Di strict police chief ACP Adzaman Mohd Jan said the authorities have "made great strides in combating online gambling".

In a show of strength, authorities demolished 812 computers using an excavator at a land fill site in Jabi, Alor Star City.

Adzaman said 708 operations were carried out on illegal gambling dens during the period, a marked increase from the 204 raids last year. Other stats revealed 195 online gambling cases resolved over the past 18 months.

According to the New Straits Times, those found guilty under Section 4B of the Common Gaming House Act, face a RM10 000 (US$3 255) fine for each computer seized or five years' jail.

Under the entertainment enactment, operators of online gambling dens face a RM50 000 (US$16 277) fine or five years' jail upon conviction.

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