C-planet Responds To Rushmore De-tagging Accusations


02nd July, 2012 at 14:56:45
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We have lots of happy affiliates, says program

In a sequel to last week's shocking revelations that players referred to the Rushmore group were being de-tagged, thus disadvantaging the referrer, the affiliate program C-Planet responded this week to an invitation to give an explanation.

In short, the response was enigmatic, asserting only that the program has many happy affiliates, but that the Casinomeister rogueing would be addressed at some undefined point in the future.

The only overt denial lies in the phrase "these absurd allegations", but that accusation is not substantiated by any facts.

The response reads:

"We will address Casinomeister in the coming weeks.

"We have many happy affiliates and players who continue to work with us and have earned a lot; they will continue to do so.

"Just prior to these absurd allegations CAP offered us any sponsorship package we wished since we do have so many happy affiliates."

The issue surfaced last week when Casinomeister webmaster Bryan Bailey carried out an investigation involving players referred to Rushmore but not credited to his affiliate account.

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