Detroit Man Blows Atm Windfall In Casinos


15th June, 2012 at 08:19:55

When a faulty ATM spewed cash, this retiree went on a $1.5 million gambling spree

Retired Detroit automotive worker Ronald Page clearly has a penchant for gambling, and a faulty ATM machine sent him off on a $1.5 million wagering spree that ended up with him facing a criminal court this week.

Page's troubles started when he used an ATM that went haywire, allowing him to make unlimited cash withdrawals. He stuffed his pockets and clothing full of cash, reports the Local 10 publication, and headed for the nearest casinos on a gambling bender, losing $1.5 million.

The court found him guilty of theft of bank funds, and Page now awaits sentencing on June 27, where he could face a 15 month prison sentence despite the flawed ATM unit, because he knew well enough that he did not have that kind of money in his account when his withdrawal went ballistic.

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