Chile Lawmakers Propose Online Gambling Legislation


18th May, 2012 at 08:05:43

Internet gambling regulation under review

A bill authored by Chile Senators Antonio Horvath and Ricardo Lagos proposing the regulation of online gambling was referred to the Senate Finance Committee for review earlier this month according to Senate online publication

The bill seeks to amend Chile's current gaming law to include specific conditions on the regulation of interactive gambling services that include a regulation and licencing system for the operation of an online casino, the inclusion of electronic/internet gambling in the current gaming law, specific requirements for licenced online operators and the establishment of a responsible gambling protocol.

The Senator's commenting on the proposal said: "This growing mode of offering online gambling generated the need for clear regulatory elements, both for operators and participants in different games, not forgetting the necessary protection for minors and people who have voluntarily applied to non-participation in gambling, and all those who by reason of public policy it is forbidden to access this service.

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