Utah Anti-online Gambling Legalisation Law Approved By State Senate


02nd March, 2012 at 02:47:43
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ISP provisions amended, so it's back to the House for Sandstrom bill

In Utah, a bill introduced to the House of Assembly which seeks to forbid any legalisation of online gambling (see previous reports) passed through the state Senate Thursday on a positive vote of 25 to 2.

However, because the bill was amended to exempt Internet Service Providers from criminal action, it must now return to the House before it can be sent to the governor's office for signature.

House Bill 108 would opt Utah out of the federal USA House Resolution 1174, which is currently under review by Congress. Republican Senator John Valentine co-sponsored the bill, saying it preserves Utah's tradition of being a state that doesn't allow gambling.

Were we to recognize gambling or permit HR 1174 to come in, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act could easily be used as a method to give casino gambling for Utah. Valentine observed, echoing an argument put forward by the original author of the bill, Rep. Stephen Sandstrom.

Utah's Constitution has outlawed games of chance since statehood and state law also prohibits Internet gambling.

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