Tablet And Mobile Use Continues To Soar


24th November, 2011 at 02:04:56

Online gambling software providers need to pay attention to this trend

The booming sales of tablets and smartphones recorded in the latest Gartner research study have again underlined how important it is for internet gambling software and technology providers to focus on this trend and develop strategies to turn it to best business advantage.

Initiatives should be presaged by a study of how players are using these popular mobile devices in order to develop the right games, interactivity and products.

Apple is expected to remain the top manufacturer for the remainder of 2011, according to a recent study conducted by Gartner.

Worldwide tablet sales will have reached 63.6 million units - a growth of 261.4% from 2010 - by the end of this year, with Apple expected to command 73.4% of the market in 2011, but products using the Android platform are gaining ground fast and should not be discounted.

By 2015, Gartner predicts the tablet industry will reach 326.3 million units.

"We expect Apple to maintain a market share lead throughout our forecast period by commanding more than 50% of the market until 2014," said Gartner research vice president Carolina Milanesi.

Tablets and smartphones continue to be consumer favourites and sales of both devices continue to soar. The Consumer Electronics Association says that tablet sales are expected to grow by 157% this year, reaching $14 billion in shipping revenue, whilst smartphone sales are projected to increase by 45% and surpass $23 billion in industry revenue.

Gartner revealed that a total of 440.5 million mobile devices were sold worldwide during Q3-2011. According to the research firm, the total number of mobile devices increased by 5.6% from the third quarter of 2010.

Overall, smartphone sales grew by 42% compared to last year and reached 115 million units. Of all the mobile devices sold in the period, 26% were smartphones, Gartner reports.

Tablet sales grew by over 200% in 2011 according to a new report from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which predicted the trend would continue in 2012, albeit at a slightly lower but still market leading rate of 59 percent.


Topgame claims to have convincing evidence pointing to perpetrator

The public wrestling match between online gambling software provider Topgame and affiliate management group Affactive over alleged DDoS attacks (see previous report) continued overnight on industry message boards, with Topgame asserting that it has compelling evidence pointing to the perpetrator.

In the latest posts at the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association forum, an anonymous poster using the handle "macloud" claimed to be a founder of Topgame, albeit now no longer involved in the company, and came out strongly in support of Topgame and licensee Rome Casino, both of which claim to have been targeted.

He alleged that he was involved in discussions with a person he named in his post and said was the owner of Affactive. The discussions were about an ongoing DDoS attack and the payments and assurances from Rome Partners that were required in order to halt the assault. "Macloud" acted as go-between in meeting the demands and the attacks stopped.

"At the time my only intention in this whole affair was to try to keep the company running and everyone happy with as little interruption as possible. I now understand that XXXX isn't interested in peace. His only goal at this point seems to be to knock competition out of the market by force and control everyone," "macloud observed in his post.

A year later, he claims that the same individual tried to repeat the extortion, this time demanding more money directly from Topgame and threatening to take the Rome Casino site down "...along with TopGame (gaming servers, website and affiliate program). I believe he succeeded in extorting an additional 75k USD."

The poster goes on to surmise that because no demands for cash have on this occasion been made, the motive for the assaults must be to eliminate a competitor, and he suggests that the reason may be because Affactive now has its own software provider, branded Game Scale.

"Macloud's" post was followed by another update from a Topgame spokesperson, who alleged:

"We hereby confirm that we found a direct correlation between the recent DDoS attacks on our servers and one of our licensees; they were operating Mayflower Casino and Grand Macao Casino. Their license has been revoked permanently. We don't tolerate this criminal behavior and certainly do not partner with such."

The public airing of such unprofessional and criminal behaviour does not reflect well on the parties involved or for that matter the industry, but it appears so far that recourse to more conventional judicial remedies and police assistance is not being contemplated.

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