Will Ukrainian Gambling Be Reinstated?


15th September, 2011 at 13:19:09
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Bid to legalise gambling In Ukraine launched

A sudden and draconian ban on all gambling imposed in the Ukraine back in 2009 (see previous reports) may be lifted if MP Oleg Tsarev is successful - he has recently introduced Parliament Bill No. 9098, which proposes the the re-legalisation of gambling in the Eastern European country.

The bill provides for land casino action only in five-star hotels with at least sixty-three rooms, and four star hotels with a minimum of sixty rooms located in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

According to Tsarev, the new structure for the industry will not cost the state budget anything, as its implementation will be carried out at the expense of the applicant operators, paving the way for increased revenues for state coffers through investment and taxation.

Tsarev and his supporters contend that the blanket ban on gambling imposed in 2009 has had little positive impact, instead driving the pastime underground and making it dangerously unregulated.

Problem gambling has not diminished, he claims, and the net result is no improvement and lost revenues to the state.

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