Belarus Internet Gambling Software Provider Upgrades Product


09th September, 2011 at 05:31:15

Update features advanced functionality, improved administration management, casino integration with third-party services and general settings.

The Isle of Man office of Belarus online gambling software provider Viaden Gaming has released a new software upgrade featuring advanced functionality alongside improved administration area management usability, casino integration with third-party services and general settings.

Some of the over 150 minor improvements include enhanced net revenue reports with additional fields for the online casino administration area. These have been introduced to indicate additional casino expenditures on payment system processing commissions, identification verification procedures and affiliate and agent payments.

The new backend also provides operators with a gaming tax calculation that subtracts the indicated rate from the total house profit to ensure precise calculations, and includes an affiliate system that allows operators to cooperate with partners on cost-per-acquisition, profit share and multi-tier bases.

New bonus offerings construction aids have been included alongside extended bonus system usability, with these rewards now available automatically assigned or pending for players to accept or reject, and there is provision for setting an additional bonus for the number of rounds played in total or for a particular game.

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