Polish Sports Betting Bill Passed


08th April, 2011 at 16:06:15
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Operators to register.pl domains and conduct transactions through Polish banks

Poland legalised online sports betting, this week, with the passing of an inequitable bill by representatives from the countries Finance and Physical Culture Committee's.

The new measure was introduced to revise the existing gambling law and confirms Poland's anti-online gambling stance with the banning of all internet gambling except sports betting (see previous reports).

Several controversial conditions accompany the bill and include:

- A 12% tax on turnover (equal to existing land-based casino taxes)

- Servers must remain in Poland and websites will have to register domains as ".pl"

- All online transactions must be conducted through Polish banks

The tax rate in particular has been criticised as being too high and severe restrictions on marketing and advertising will continue to be imposed, making for a tough operating environment.

Poland 's Deputy Finance Minister, Jacek Kapica said that the bill marked the first step towards the revolution of a gaming culture.

The Polish Press Agency reports that the law could come into effect as soon as June 2011.

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